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Alvin Donovan article

German writer spends 10 days with the Islamic State.



Alvin Donovan compares and contrasts ISIS and Anonymous Internet Impersonators and defamers.

What struck me about the article was that the ISIS members really DO believe they are doing the right thing and have a convoluted interpretation of their religion.

With respect to Anonymous Internet Impersonators and Defamers – I am not sure they believe they are doing the right thing, I think they just do not care, so in this sense they are sociopaths.

The one I am personally familiar with is a Catholic but I imagine he is a lapsed Catholic.

Many ISIS members are fathers, sons, brothers and I wonder if they love their families? I imagine that for the most part their families know of their activities and support them.

However I think that while many anonymous internet impersonators and defamers are fathers, sons and brothers I am pretty sure that their parents, spouses and families have NO idea of their activities- hence the reason they are anonymous.

ISIS members and Anonymous Internet Impersonators and Defamers (who in my mind are financial and/or emotional terrorists) have a mission to and want to win and to kill and do as much damage to their enemies as possible, but ISIS members have one key “difference that makes the difference”. ISIS members are ready to die for their mission.

Whereas Anonymous Internet Impersonators are cyber terrorists who are cowards and remain anonymous because they do not want to face the civil and criminal consequences of their actions.

ISIS members also do their activities for financial gain. The Anonymous Internet Impersonators do their activities for personal and financial gain.

Let me be very clear here- I am 1000% AGAINST the activities, mission and actions of ISIS and I find them reprehensible. In fact they scare me to death and I lose sleep at night worrying what they will do to us next.

On the other hand, since my investigations have revealed just some of the many Anonymous Internet Impersonators are, I do not lose sleep over them because now that they are being watched, their every new attack just gets them into more and more trouble.

My sources warn me to anticipate a new impersonation attack within the next few days but I am ready for them this time 🙂

One thing that satisfies me is the knowledge that if they are spending their time attacking me, it means they have less time to plan to hurt other innocent women and children and their competitors.

Alvin Donovan



Joe Cocker dead aged 70.


alvin donovan

alvin donovan

ISIS sneaks behind US-backed Kurdish victories in Iraq to retake Baiji refinery city.

NYPD Commissioner: Mayor De Blasio Has Lost Trust Of ‘Some’ Officers.

alvin donovan

Pakistan to execute 500 terrorists.


Alvin Donovan

Alvin Donovan has created a support group and resource website for corporate and individual victims of anonymous internet defamation, stalking and cyberbullying.
The support group is located at
and the website is located at

Some of the many resources:

Tactics to find out the culprit
Referrals to specialist cyber investigators
Referrals to specialist law firms
Civil Remedies
Criminal Remedies

Alvin started the group and website in response to his own experience. “There is a person in the industry who has an interesting business model. He finds out who his major competitors are and then anonymously posts extremely defamatory reports about all of them. He stalks their family members, harasses them in order to intimidate and gain advantage. My dear wife of 30 years keeps on asking me “how does he keep getting away with it?””

Evidently these types of bully boy stand over techniques have actually paid off for him over the years however Donovan hopes to change that.

Alvin Donovan relates that his 85 year old combat veteran father, his minor child were harassed and he could not find any other support groups for anonymous Cyber bullying, internet defamation or stalking so he has started one of his own.

“There is no such thing as true anonymity. Over the coming weeks we shall reveal some tips for finding out who your anonymous defamers and stalkers are, how to catch them and the civil and criminal remedies you can use. We have also setup a victim’s cyber bully and internet defamer support group for you and your family members as well as any other victims you know.
It is time to fight back folks.”

Alvin Donovan

My daughter asked my why she was being harassed like a clubbed seal- Alvin Donovan

She wanted to know- do the people who club seals know how much they are hurting one of God’s creatures? Do they care? Why do they do it?

I replied that people who stalk, harass, bully and impersonate others on the internet have no conscious, no feeling for their victims because all they care about is the feeling of power they gain. Just like a terrorist who beheads a victim.

I can only pray that the parents of the victims of the Anonymous Internet Criminals and IS can find peace knowing they are doing the best they can.

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