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Okay here is a tip for fighting anonymous internet impersonators- but remember to take advice from a lawyer before you do this. What you want to do is to gather enough evidence to put the perpetrator in jail. What you want to do is to have yourself and all of your family members record all your phone calls and try to do a “setup”.

The setup is where you provoke the stalker to call you and or your family members and have your family caller id and record phone calls however make sure to check with a lawyer first to make sure you are in compliance
with all local laws regarding this

Here is our next step- ***NEVER NEVER NEVER*** store anything on your computers hard drive. Always use a usb stick and remove the usb stick onc you are done with it and store it in a lock box in your home.


“Alvin Donovan”



Complaint Review: Alvin Donovan

Complaint Review: Alvin Donovan discusses ways to prevent
Anonymous Internet Impersonators, Stalkers, Cyber Hackers


Alvin Donovan

How hacking works and how to protect yourself- “Alvin Donovan”


Okay now that you have watched the video above- please do just one thing today to protect yourself from

Anonymous Internet Imposters, Stalkers, Financial/Emotional Cyber Terrorists

**For every online account you have setup two step verification***



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Linkedin Complaint Review: Alvin Donovan

Alvin Donovan Announces New Support Group For Victims Of Anonymous Internet Impersonation Defamation | LinkedIn.



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