A few more words about Anonymous Internet Defamation, Impersonation, Cyber bullying, Stalking.

alvin g donovan

Many times only high profile wealthy celebrities like Kate Upton or Jennifer Lawrence have the resources to punish Anonymous Internet Impersonators- what can you do? Alvin Donovan


A lot of people do not realise how many are the victim of Internet Impersonation and stalking because often the crime goes un reported. Even when it is reported the authorities are too busy to investigate much less prosecute.

If you are a high profile celebrity like Kate Upton or Jennifer Lawrence who have money to pay high powered lawyers you do have a chance to push law enforcement to investigate and prosecute. Really the best thing to do if you are the victim is to hire a lawyer to build your case for you and to let him/her handle all the dealings with law enforcement.

(If you need a referral to a lawyer who has experience prosecuting such cases please get in touch with me and I am happy to help.) This is what we did to great success. I will be glad to see him go to prison but sorry for his children for having such a monster for a father. I actually blame his parents for not teaching him right from wrong when he was a child “back in the day”.

Alvin Donovan