The Cyber Threat in 2015: 10 Twists on Hackers’ Old Tricks.




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Complaint Review-Alvin Donovan

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Alvin Donovan Complaint Review

Complaint Review-Alvin Donovan
How to protect yourself from webcam
and microphone hacking

Complaint Review- Alvin Donovan

Okay here above are a few tips you can use if you think your webcam and microphone have been hacked.

Two important things to try are:


1. Put a piece of tape over the webcam itself- no one can now see you.

2. Take a headphone plug that is used for the headphones and cut the cord and stick the plug into the plug socket- no one can now hear you.

What other things can you suggest?


Alvin Donovan


Security Prediction: The Rise of the Third-Party Risk.

Shields and Gerson on cyber-attacks after Sony.

And, as Senator John McCain said, I think wisely, there’s no reason in the world to pay a bad congressman more than a good teacher.

Alvin Donovan

How hacking works and how to protect yourself- “Alvin Donovan”


Okay now that you have watched the video above- please do just one thing today to protect yourself from

Anonymous Internet Imposters, Stalkers, Financial/Emotional Cyber Terrorists

**For every online account you have setup two step verification***



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